Dr Bernard C M Cheng

Corporate Sustainability




Swansea University, UK,

B.Sc. in Energy Studies

Cranfield University, UK,

M.Sc. in Applied Energy

Cardiff University, UK,


Langara University, Vancouver, Canada

Co-op Dip. in Computer Systems Technologists

Auckland University of Technology,

New Zealand, Ph.D. in Sustainability

Dr Bernard Cheng has over 20 years of international business experience in the development and assessment of sustainability and quality management systems. He has worked in consulting, hospitality, telecommunication, textile, energy, education, retail, and public sector as well as in NGOs.

Prior to joining philiaearth, Bernard served as Sustainability Consultant at suPPPort Ltd where he designed and taught the certified GRI Standard training course, participated in GRI reporting and advisory service with listed companies. In his role as Sustainability Director with Mission Hills, he advised overall strategic direction to top management level of the group. At VTech, he helped to prepare an award winning GRI G4 sustainability report. At WGO, he managed Green Office audit programmes. At former URS, he launched a marketing campaign for sustainability service, resulting in winning 7 projects for the company.

Bernard has rich experience and skills in developing sustainability framework, capacity building for the whole company and spotting sustainability elements in projects. As Corporate Sustainability Consultant at philiaearth, Bernard assists organisations to build their sustainability roadmap, delivers sustainability training and coaching, prepares sustainability report (GRI and ESG reports) and carries out sustainability impact assessments according to the B Impact Assessment by B Lab.


Bernard specializes in corporate sustainability strategic planning, implementation and reporting, stakeholder engagement and auditing. He also provides sustainability training courses such Certified GRI Standards training. 

His additional research is in Climate Change Adaptation, Create Social Value (CSV) project design, Circular Economy implementation in Hong Kong, and Business Impact Assessment.

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